A downloadable game for Windows

Please note that this is an early demonstration version of the game and is intended to showcase the feeling and universe of the game.

Crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo here !

What's this ?

Senior Citizens is a Couch Game made by a team of 5 students as their last year project at Ecole Poly3d. The project was not published at that time as the team decided the resulting product was not good enough and needed more work.

How to Play ?

Download the game with the Itch.io app, grab 2 or 4 Xbox or Windows compatible controllers and launch the game !

  • Left Stick : Move
  • Right Stick : Select Decoration
  • A : Place Decoration/Repair/Remove Mole
  • X : Throw Trash
  • Y : Use Item in Slot 1
  • B : Use Item in Slot 2
  • LB : Use Utility 1
  • RB : Use Utility 2

All assets created from scratch.


SeniorCitizens_DEMO 104 MB
Version 0.1.2 Jan 23, 2019

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